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St Michael’s

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Worship, grounded in liturgy and music is at the heart of St Michael’s. We run a range of services on Sundays and throughout the week with a variety of styles.

We have one of the finest parish choirs in the area which helps to lead and enhance the worship.


On Sundays there is a said Book of Common Prayer Communion service at 8am with sung or choral Eucharist at 10am. A children’s group meets during the 10am service except for the first Sunday of the month when all ages worship together.

The beautiful service of choral evensong makes for sublime Sunday evenings twice a month at 6.30pm.

Throughout the week 

During the week, there is a said Communion service at 9.30am on Wednesdays and our monthly Taizé services on the last Friday of the month finish with soup and light refreshments. We hold a coffee morning open to everyone in the parish hall on Wednesday mornings.

Music at St Michael’s

St Michael’s has one of the finest parish choirs in the area. We’re here to enhance the worship at St Michael’s by leading the congregation in hymns, anthems, and service settings, singing a wide range of choral music.

Order Tramadol Mexico


Wheelchair Access: Yes
Induction Loop: Yes
Large Print: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Accessible Toilets: No

A site of worship since 1898