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All Saints

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All Saints is a house of prayer and a place of hospitality – providing times to worship, reflect, learn and meet. We love our local community and want to be a blessing to it.

We offer times to worship, pray and relect as well as times to meet, eat and enjoy life together. You are assured of a friendly welcome at all of our events. We look forward to meeting you.

A Heart for Worship 

Each Sunday, we meet at All Saints for a service of worship is at 10am (except on the first Sunday of the month). Worship consists of liturgy and music, reflections and prayers and seeks to make connections with our faith, the Scriptures and our daily life.

Our Community at Heart

We want to be a blessing to our neighbours and to be at the heart of our community.

On the first Sunday of the month we host a community lunch, where all are welcome to come and enjoy a meal and a time of friendship.

On Saturday mornings, we hold Coffee Call-in, a chance for everyone to come for coffee and a chat, and Monday Company on two afternoons a month is a place for friendship and fun as well as tea and cake.


Wheelchair Access: Yes
Induction Loop: No
Large Print: No
Toilets: Yes
Accessible Toilets: No

All Saints has been at the heart of Bassett for over 130 years