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St Nicolas

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Known locally as the ‘one hand clock’, this ancient and iconic church building is located right next to the new North Stoneham Park development and opposite Eastleigh Football Club. We are committed to playing a full part in our local community and to help us do this we are excited about some improvements to our building, including toilets, new entrance, re-decorating and re-ordering of the furniture. Watch this space!

Our building is closed, but our community remains open

Although our building is closed, we are still here for our community.

You can join us on Facebook Live for reflections at 8am and 4pm each Sunday.  We are also trying out one-off events, as COVID restrictions allow. Keep a look out on our Facebook page for details.

Tramadol Cheap

St Nics@4

Growing faith at the speed of life

An informal service suitable for all ages. Refreshments from 3.45pm, contemporary worship at 4.00pm, followed by a range of activities designed to help us grow in faith together. This service is continuing online and we hope to be able to meet in person again soon.

Tiny Tots

Once the work on the building is complete and COVID restrictions are eased we’re planning to launch a baby and toddler group for under 5’s and their parents and carers. We’ll be offering a friendly atmosphere, toys, baby area, refreshments for the children and adults, craft, stories, music and more!

The St Nicolas Project 

We are undertaking some major building work to repair and modernise the church.

Order Tramadol Cheap Overnight


Wheelchair Access: Yes
Induction Loop: No
Large Print: Yes
Toilets: Coming soon
Accessible Toilets: Coming soon

There has been a place of worship at St Nics for over 1000 years