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2020 has been unlike any other year, but we still want to celebrate Christmas and remember the birth of Jesus.

We have a number of COVID-safe events running across the parish and we look forward to welcoming you at them.

Tramadol Cheap

2 October 2020

Welcome to Sarah Archer 

We’re delighted to introduce our new curate – Sarah Archer. Sarah will be ordained at 10am on Sunday October 4th at Winchester Cathedral. We will be premiering a video interview with her at 2pm on Sunday to give you a chance to find out a bit more about her.

Order Tramadol Cheap OvernightTramadol Legal To Buy Online

13 September 2020

Booking to attend a service

We are really pleased to have started some services in our buildings. As space is limited due to social distancing and to help with track and trace, we are asking people to book if they wish to attend where possible. We will try to retain a small number of places for people turning up on the day, but encourage you to book where possible.

1 AUGUST 2020

Re-opening our buildings 

We are really pleased to be able to say that we plan to begin a Communion service at All Saints’ at 8am on Sunday 16th August. This will transfer to St Michael’s when the work on the windows is complete, and the building ready for worship.

All Saints’ is our smallest church which means that numbers will be strictly limited and you will have to book in advance. If you are planning to attend and have an email address, you will be able to book directly online. We will open the booking system on Monday 10th August. Details of the online booking will be coming soon. You will also be able to book by Tramadol Order Online Overnight (email or voicemail).

When we move the service to St Michael’s, hopefully in early September, we will be able to accommodate more people. Depending on demand, we look at offering a Wednesday morning service too. Plans for St Nicolas are still being made.

Many of you have been understandably cautious about returning to church buildings for worship, but there are some people who do want to worship with others in the church buildings again, and we are concerned to provide something in person for those who are not able to access our online service. Thank you to everyone who has offered to act as stewards – there is still space for more volunteers on the team who will welcome people and help us to navigate a different way of worshiping together. Many people who formerly served as sides-people are in higher risk categories, so we are not expecting them to volunteer.

For the time being, our main services will continue to be livestreamed to Facebook on Sundays at 10am and 4pm .