Faith Confirmed?

So, what is life and the Christian faith all about? What difference does it make to be a follower of Jesus Christ? What on earth is the church for? We hope to explore these and many other questions in a course running this Autumn at St Michael’s, beginning on September 19th. The course consists of seven relaxed evening sessions and there is an opportunity at the end of the course for anyone who wishes, to be Confirmed in Winchester Cathedral at the end of November. Confirmation is where those who have been Baptised as infants have the opportunity to make a public declaration of their faith and prayer is offered for the Holy Spirit to confirm and strengthen them inheir faith. Attending the course does not commit anyone to being Confirmed, so come along with your questions, ready to explore with others the life of a follower of Jesus. Bring a friend if you would rather not come on your own – everyone is very welcome!

For all the details, please contact Revd Sheena Williams or the parish office.