Save St. Michael’s Appeal

During July 2014 architects Columba Cook Ltd were commisioned to carry out an inspection and report on the condition of St Michael’s Church. By kind permission of Columba Cook Ltd their full report may be read here.  Copyright remains with Columba Cook Ltd.

Shortly after the publication of this report, in September 2014, English Heritage placed St Michael and All Angels Church on their Heritage at Risk Register.

Currently costings are being sought for the 25 items requiring either immediate action or action within the next 18 months. It seems unlikely that the necessary work can be carried our for less than £150,000 which is an impossible sum of money to find within our own resources. Grant Aid is urgently being sought but will be conditional on a contribution from ourselves.

We need to know that we have access to at least £20,000 before we start.

How you can help:

  • One-off donations to the SSMA (Save St. Michael’s Appeal).
  • Support for the fund raising events which will be announced shortly.
  • Ensure that you use our link when buying from Amazon – doesn’t cost you anything!
  • Pledge a £100, £200, £300 etc loan, interest free, for 12 months.  NB The loan will only be requested if and when needed.
  • Your ideas on how to raise funds and offers of fund raising help are also sought.

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