Music at St Michael’s: January-March 2019

January-March 2019 Saturday 5 January Choral evensong (Chichester Cathedral) Nardone Responses Willan in E flat arr. Daley Huron Carol 6 January Epiphany Matins (Chichester Cathedral) Nardone Responses Howells Coll Reg Lang Tres Magi Eucharist (Chichester Cathedral) Hassler Missa secunda Handl Omnes de … Continue reading

Music at St Michael’s: Summer term 2018

Summer term 2018 April 7 4.00 Choral evensong (St Alban’s) Responses Statham Canticles Statham in Em Anthem Taverner Dum transisset 8 Easter 2 11.15 Eucharist (St Alban’s) Setting Stanford in Bb/F (with Coronation Gloria) Motet Victoria Vidi aquam 6.30 Choral evensong … Continue reading


7-8 April 2018

7-8 April 2018 St Michael’s choir are singing services at St Alban’s Abbey 7-8 April.

Music at St Michael’s: Spring term 2018

Sat 6 January Choral Evensong (Chichester) Nardone responses Darke in F Warlock Benedicamus Domino 7 January – Epiphany Matins (Chichester Cathedral) Nardone responses Stanford in C Ouseley From the rising of the sun Eucharist (Chichester Cathedral) Jackson in G Howells … Continue reading